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Accidents often involve minor or major injuries. Injury causes pain to the employee(s) concerned and anxiety to both the family of the injured and to managers and staff of the company. Fatal accidents could even lead to death. Accidents often involve damage to plants, machines, tools, buildings, raw materials and other company property. The result of these losses is increased cost to the company and other consequences.

Accidents do not just happen, they are caused. This tells us that accidents are a result of what we do or what we fail to do as the case may be. The obvious conclusion from the above is that accident prevention is very important and it is the backbone of industrial safety. This workshop seeks to educate and raise the awareness of employees on industrial safety.

Program Contents

  • Causes of Accidents and Precautions
  • Use of Personal Protective Devices (PPDs)
  • Scene of an Accident - First Aid
  • What to do in Case of Fire - Evacuation Procedures
  • Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness of the Premises

Duration:      1 day

Format:         Non-residential

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